Monday, January 17, 2011

Website caveats, holdbacks, problems, and more!

Well, as the title says, we've had some issues with the new website. Once of them being at the beginning of last week I had no idea how to write up a website in DreamWeaver. Thankfully after a few days worth of playing with it, I got something workable, not pretty, but workable. Sadly all that work was in vain as the web-host I was trying to use decided to drop my account for reasons I'm still not clear of. In any case, we're moving onwards and upwards.

In other news, I've started up a twitter for the up to the minutes updates regarding the status of the stream, and hopefully I'll be able to talk the other DJs into using the twitter account too, that way we can (hopefully) gain some more attention on the web rather than just trying to pull people from Facebook and the other website I frequent.  Not much other promotion going on at the moment. I'm trying to work with the founder of AudioCream to get some more people from his listings, but I'm unfamiliar with his system and I thought I could use a few tips from him. Hopefully we'll talk later this week to figure things out as far as promoting the station and maybe things we can do to benefit each other. Even though his website isn't in dire need of traffic (I'm sure he gets ten times more people on his site than I do on the stream), his site has helped me and I want to return the favour.

In the Second Life realm there's nothing to report, seeing as my video card gives me a problem each time I try to sign onto the game to start designing the club.I'm going to have to end up using my half-decade old XPS gen 2 to build everything in game and then hopefully pull some listeners form that too. I loved Second Life when I played a long time ago (maybe a year or two ago?) and I always loved the clubs and games and things one could do in any of the places that broadcast radio into the game.

Listener-ship has been way up this month too! In December we had over 10,000 unique listeners and we're already more than halfway there for this month! On Friday we had over 40 people listening at a given time for about three hours in the middle of the day. Thats a new peak number for us! Woo! I'm looking forward to the future of the station and I think we'll be doing really well in the next few months!

The IRC channel is still completely empty most of the time, but thats really the least of my worries lately. I sit in the channel all the time, even when I'm not home there's a signed in person (TerminalFault41-4A-41-5A-59, which is AMAZY in hex XD) holding the channel open. Eventually I'll get the programming knowledge to write her up as a bot so she'll be able to auto-greet people and maybe run a trivia game or something. I'm not sure. I'll figure that out as I work out the rest of everything.

Keep on listening and thanks for making the last month so successful!

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