Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Promote, promote, promote!!

So the radio has been just booming right along this month!  Listeners are still coming in and we have about 5000 unique hits on the stream in January and the month isn't even half way over yet! We reach so many different countries and people and they listen for such long stretches of time, it still boggles me.

On to the progress report for the website, the faceyspace page, the stream, and the other varied projects I'm working on and with my DJs to bring even more people into the mix. First off, the website. I'm currently working on getting some webspace to put up a new site, but the address will still be the same ( but the site will look completely different. I've recently found out that flash-based anything is pretty much invisible to the standard web spider (those things that go throughout the net to find new pages and index them to their respective search engines) and thus the website isn't getting any traffic. Hopefully I can change that.

Also, I've been having issues with the IRC channel for the last few days. It seems the channel on the website and the channel on IRC itself aren't the same channel, so if you've been going to the website's channel, I'm sorry no one has been int here to speak to you~!

The facebook page is also getting  a bit better for the wear, since we've gotten over 25 people to like it I have recently gotten a username address for it! Now it's instead of that horrific string of nonsense that no one can repeat over the air. Hopefully we'll be able to announce the facebook page and the website a bit more often on the radio to get more and more people making requests and getting into the action rather than not realizing that we're (sort of) trying to provide a community space for our listeners.

 Speaking of community, I'm also planning on having some sort of streaming into Second Life at some point in the near future, but that all depends on how many new DJs we can get rolling in the next few months. So, DJs! get in contact with me if you want to try DJing internet radio or if you've done it before and want to get back into it, I'll be allowing people to try it out this weekend and most weekends after this one. I want to bring in some new people (not to say the one's we have aren't good of course ^.~) to bring a little more diversity to the music we play.

I think thats about all I've got to report this week, and once again I apologize for the downtimes and deadspace on the radio. I've been having issues lately. Also, I'm going to try and keep this blog update business up and post at least one a week, that way you'll know (if you check for this in the first place) what's going on with the station.

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