Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things with the radio have been going relatively well, but honestly everything I've done thus far hasn't really been enough. The IRC channel is always empty, so much so that I rarely pay attention to it anymore. I log everything that happens in there, so I do know that there's been a small number of people coming in and out, mainly my friends Dedman and ProtoSkar. Thanks to you guys for popping in and keeping me company while I did homework and tried to run the stream. Your company during the last few months has kept me from closing the channel completely. For those of you who liked the facebook page, thank you. For those of you who follow us on twitter, even though it's pretty much the same people in the facebook group, thank you for following! 

Moving on, the website will stay up for the rest of the month, then it will deleted and changed to something else. My current plans for the webspace are essentially an imageboard with a BBS added to it, that way I can have both anonymous posting and registered posting. I guess we'll have to see how that turns out, mainly because I'm not entirely sure that the webhosts I have will be ok with that sort of traffic. Who knows, I'll just have to make it and see if they take the site down or not. Honestly, that website has eaten a pretty large hole in my personal time, so I have to use the space and most of the code for something, otherwise I feel like I wasted my time with it. Something functional will be born fro, the old website and stream, but what it is only time will tell.

I will continue to post the statistics for the radio stream through February and who knows, if the listener base has expanded between now and then I might give this thing another month, but only if I can get the other DJs back into the mix.

Now thats what the real problem with the stream has been, DJs. Now, I'm not going to go out and blame everyone but myself, mainly because I realize that people have lives outside of the radio, but so do I. A large majority of my DJs have been inactive since the new year and one of them has been essentially demanding the stream from me whenever he wants it. One of the DJs has stepped up and taken his post when and for how long he promised, which is great. Malus, keep up the good work and I hope you continue to work on the stream after I'm done with it. I'm not sure who the stream will pass to after I'm done at the end of the month, but I hope someone who will work as hard as I did and as hard as my predecessor did will get it in the end.

Moving on to other things, my plans for the facebook page and the twitter account depend on what the name of the station will be after I leave. At this point I'm looking at leaving the facebook to whomever the current administrators are and the twitter will be closed at the end of the month unless the name of the station is kept the same. In any case, something will take it's place.

Thanks for listening and thanks for the support to those of you who did support us. It helped a lot and I'm incredibly happy that I had the time that I did to bring my best music to people who seemed to want to hear it.

Hope for the future,

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