Friday, February 25, 2011

Dedchan : Reloaded

Work with Dedchan has been moving right along over the last few weeks. I've got a,b,c,ani,m,z,and a text board which all work and all are linked to each other. I'm so happy with it's progress I'm thinking about adding a few more boards, but only after we get some actual traffic. I'm not too worried about the traffic part just yet, since the more traffic we have the more i have to be on the ball to catch people who might want to post some unsavoury things on the boards. Thus far the entire website takes up less than 10mb, which is freaking awesome, and I haven't had any problems with people posting things that are completely not ok.

The radio stream is dead. There are a few more days left in the month, but the program I use, SAM, has been misbehaving, and windows explorer keeps dying and I can't figure out why. so the desktop needs a reinstall on the windows partition and I've got about three other computers to fix this weekend for some clients of mine.

Thats about all I've got for you guys now, maybe next time I'll have something slightly more interesting to talk about next time.

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