Friday, February 4, 2011

The numbers are IN!

Well, the last month has been absolutely fantastic for this station! I'm not sure if our numbers are as good as some of the other stations out there, but I'll be the first to admit I was completely floored at the number of people who listen and the positively astounding regions of the world that we get listeners from!

Alrighty, now on to the things i assume no one cares about but me! Haha, the image above this paragraph is simply the representation of each day's peak listeners drawn over the course of January. What it also keeps track of is the amount of total time spent listening, the average uptime (which is really only important to me), the average listen time, and the average number of hours listened contiguously. Yeah, I said contiguous, so look it up already. Anyway, the overall peak of the month was about 37, which up to date is the highest I've carried by myself. Also, if you'll notice the two or three pronounced dips in the graph, those would be the days someone else was working the stream for me. The program I use will only track my listeners when it's the one streaming, so as long as someone else is streaming, even using the same software, it doesn't get tracked by SpacialNet. Thats why I also use the graph following this paragraph to track how many people listen and for how long, but we'll get to that. And yes, thats my mouse in the way.

This map shows you (and not entirely accurately I'll admit) about 500 points where people listened from in the month of January. Now please note that it'll only show me 500 points tops, so the map isn't accurate to the number of listeners we had last month. Now scroll down and check out the numbers down at the bottom. Yes, thats right, in the month of January we had almost 15,000 unique listeners. Thats so beyond anything that I thought we could pull off over all time, even less in one month! Let me explain the graphic just a little bit more before I move on to the plans for the website and all the things I'm working on for the future of the station. A unique connection is one that isn't counted more than once, for example, you and a friend listen to the station from school, thats one unique connection. You then take your laptop home and connect to the stream from there, thats one more. Your friend goes home and connects to listen in some more, thats three. The total connections is a count of how many times over the given time period someone connected to the stream. Either one of those numbers is absolutely astonishing to me, and hopefully will continues to be for the near future.

Now, on to the website. It's be a little touch and go on the website lately, and for those of you who do actually use it occasionally, thank you so much! I've put quite a bit of time into learning how to make a website in the first place, then learning a portion of html and hopefully soon php, then getting everything put together and up and running 'right'. Ugh, let me tell ya, I wasn't planning on it being so hard. But thats ok. I've been having a lovely time learning and doing all of that. It's almost been as fun as the radio is, but then I realized that I don't get much in the way of traffic on the website, but thats ok too. Honestly I don't know how much longer the website will stay, but seeing as it doesn't cost me a penny to run, it's probably not going anywhere.

There are some extra plans for the website that I'm trying to implement, mainly because I think everything I do has to be done the hardest way possible. One of the things I'd like to see ont he site in the near future; a comment section of some kind. I was hoping that learning html forms would help me set up some sort of feedback form, but I failed in that and honestly I think php will offer a bit more for the work.

that brings me right up to the present. I've been working on getting some new DJs in on the stream to mix things up a little bit, and they'll be starting in the next few weeks. I honestly can't wait for them to start and hopefully do a better job than I am of running this thing. Here's to the new blood!

Til next week,

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