Thursday, May 12, 2011

Returning to the writing

As I sit here working on calendars for my job I'm about to lose, I'm thinking about all the time I could have spent here doing more than what it is that I have been doing. I should have spent my time working up to finding a permanent position at my school, working. Soon this semester will be over and once again I will find myself without work, unless of course one my coworkers is fired. Thats not a happy situation, the only reason I would still have a job in the same place I'm in is that someone i work with and actually enjoy being around has to be fired. I guess I'll be bowing out of this one pretty soon. It was fun.

There haven't been many new projects that I've been working on, so I'd have to say that I've been pretty non-active. I've dropped out of the whole Adventurer thing, most of those people didn't even know I existed anyway. I've removed all of the fake friends Facebook has hooked me into on top of removing all the friends I had but aren't really my friend anymore. No, me fixing your computer every time your dumb enough to get yet another virus does not count as friendship.

On to better things, I've been accepted into U of M Flint, which is pretty awesome considering none of the jobs I've been able to find in this area are looking for someone with no experience, an A+ cert and three associates degrees. I'm going to need that BA to get a decent job any way i look at it. It sort of hurts my heart that I'll be going to school for at least another two years before I'm even close to employable, and thats assuming that I have the "real world experience" needed by then. It makes me sort of angry that I work on people computers all the time, set up their networks and their computers to professional standards, but because I'm not my own company, it doesn't count. People lie, people expand the story, they can't be trusted. Paperwork on the other hand doesn't lie. Sort of. Ugh.

Anyway, I have been working on my 2-d platformer game I've been making for Dedman, but once again my projects have stalled. the desktop died and thats where I've been doing a lot of my development, so until I get that up and running I'll probably be in a tight way in the computer category. I've been thinking about trying to make more of those tutorials I like to write sometimes. I have the other blog for tutorials, but I think if I actually start making tutorials for just anything and everything I do that people dont get, from mounting virtual drives, using bittorrent clients and websites, to making bootable flash drives with various kinds of linux, to taking your computer completely apart to install a new hard drive and how to partition it right and all that stuff. I've been seriously considering writing out a tutorial on how I actually install windows in under two hours.

In any case, I'm going to try to use this blog to keep my thoughts in order since I can't seem to do that by myself. Also, since no one reads this blog, things should be nice and happy and I shouldn't have to worry about what I say on here.